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Katman Group Education is a registered Russian Organisation in the Ministry of Health & Ministry of Education,Russia and is structure within Deanís office and having the exclusive right to handle all admission procedures for admision in English Medium and also having right to give admissinon in Russian Medium. KGE is active in assisting foreign students as well as Indian students in obtaining education in Russia for last 10 years. Its not a secret that there are many difficulties foreign students face education throughout the year. The working language of KGE is English, Russian, Hindi, Gujrati and Bengali. KGE has representative in India, Malaysia, South African Republic, Mauritius, Cyprus, Bangladesh,Iran and other countries with Head Office in Russia.

Every year , the number of students seeking admission through KGE is increasing. The well known reasons are Ė

  • Direct admission to medical colleges
  • Admissions in University/Academy recognised by MCI, MMC(Malaysia), WHO and UK.
  • Lowest fee structure.
  • Perfect assistance in preparing to travelling and staying in Russia.
  • Round year student help and monthly academic report to Parents through post/email.
  • Organising cultural and sports events.
  • Total satisfaction of parents.

Services provided by KGE

KGE provides applicants with the following:                                                                Contact us

  1. Application form and bio-data forms for admission to Medical Academy.
  2. All relevant information regarding application procedure to applicants.
  3. Receives and processes completed application, bio-data forms and all required documents, and selects candidates on the basis (The terms and conditions of admission are dictated by the chosen Medical Institution, the Government of Russia, Government of India and Medical council of India.)
  4. Registration of the selected candidate in Russia by KGE.
  5. Enrollment of qualified candidate at the medical institution he chooses.
  6. Supply a list of all students (along with their documents) so selected by KGE and enrolled in recognized Russian Medical Universities to the Medical Council of India so as to facilitate registration after the completion of studies.
  7. Provide candidate with an admission letter from the Medical Institution
  8. Receives entry visa support paper (invitation) for students entering Russia from the Medical Institution.
  9. Help in fulfilling the requirements for applying for visa i.e. compulsory medical check up with AIDS test, and compulsory overseas medical insurance etc.
  10. Help in acquiring Russian entry visa for the student.
  11. Provides air ticket for first journey of New Delhi Ė Moscow .
  12. Help the candidate in obtaining foreign currency.
  13. Provides the candidate with a list of required items needed for their stay in Russia.
  14. Guide the student in obtaining immigration clearance. (India)
  15. Provide the candidate with information on what to do at the airport.
  16. Explain to the candidate the main demands of Russia laws, rules for students in higher educational institutions, rules of residence and travelling within the territory of Russia.
  17. To have the representatives of KGE at the International Airport, New Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai to advice candidates on check-in procedures for their first flight to Moscow.
  18. Visa guidance to parents or reletives of student in case they want to visit Russia.
  19. Help in furnising documents for taking a Bank loan for studies.
  20. Help in providing paper which enables to obtain new passport faster (under TATKAL service) at the Regional passport office.

Services on the first arrival of the candidate to Moscow

  1. To receive the candidate at he Sheremetyevo II airport, Moscow.
  2. To provide a meal at the airport.
  3. To provide transport from the airport to the chosen institutionís hostel.
  4. To provide furnished accommodation in the hostel.
  5. To provide a 5 minute telephone call to India.
  6. To provide police registration in the local department of international affairs.
  7. To pay the fee of the candidate to the institution.
  8. The student will be looked after for the first semester by KGE (in case of girl students - for the first 2 semesters), after which usually students become self-dependant.
  9. A monthly well-being of the student can be provided to the parents by telephone, cost of which will be borne by the student.
  10. To help and guide the students in undergoing compulsory Medical check-up.
  11. To help in obtaining place in hostel with all bedings.
  12. A report of two semesters will be posted to the parents informing them about the studentís academic report,hostel discipline, health, social, and economic state.
  13. To guarantee on completion of the course, the granting of the degree M.D. (physician) by the institute to every successful student.
  14. To arrange health care of student and to organize charged medical service for students for the whole period of their stay in Russia, the cost of which will be borne by the student.

Required documents

  1. Marks sheet of 10+2 in original and 3 notary attested copies.
  2. Secondary certificate stating date of birth in original and 3 notary attested copies.
  3. A valid Indian passport
  4. 20 photographs, size 3x4 cm, black and white on non-glossy paper.

Procedure of application and admission

Applicant should fill an application form and bio-data form provided by KGE.

KGE will then select the applicant on basis of terms and conditions of admission dictated by the chosen Medical Institution, the Government of Russia, Government of India and Medical council of India.

Within 7 days KGE will provide the applicant with an admission letter from the chosen medical institution.In case candidate is not having passport a letter will be provided which enable to get passport quickly. KGE will then help fulfilling the requirements for applying for student visa from the Russian Embassy.Candidates will then receive student visa from the Embassy of Russia. A list of necessary items taken along to Russia will be given to the candidate. He will prepare himself for the journey according to this list, which is an outline explaining what to take and what not to. A paper explaining what to do at the airport will also be given. The student will then be provided with an air ticket India-Russia. The students will depart to Moscow in batches. On arrival to Moscow, the student can be asked by the immigration officer for the following:

  • Passport with Russian visa.
  • Certificates and Mark sheets(duly attested by the Notary).
  • Photocopy of admission letter.
  • Photo copy of invitation letter from Tver State Medical Academy.
  • Photograph

(First Year Fees will have to be paid in full and in cash in US dollar)

On arrival to Moscow airport KGE representative will receive them. They will be provided with a meal at the airport. They will then depart by road to their city and chosen Medical instituteís hostel with the representative of KGE. KGE will provide the transportation. On reaching the hostel, the student will be immediately provided with a room. The rooms for 2 or 3 persons.And are fully furnished. After this, the student will be provided with a 5 minute telephone call to India. The Student will start attending classes within a week after completing all the admission formalities and compulsory medical check-up (free).



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