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The Tver State Medical Academy was founded in 1936. For more than 60 years Tver State Medical Academy has been playing a leading role in the development of medical science and training of medical and scientific personnel. During the whole period of its history the main goal of the Academy has been training specialists of a high qualification, having fundamental theoretical knowledge, practical skills in their specialties. The principal mission of the Academy is to preserve, develop and disseminate its cherished values. According to the WHO international rating Tver State Medical Academy takes the 23rd place in the world and 3rd position in Russia in the Medical Studies.
Davidov B.N.
President of Tver State Medical Academy
The Academy develops different contacts in the realm of medical education, physicians training, scientific research, methodical and informational exchange with many institutions of Russian Federation and other countries. Republic centers “Infection in Surgery”, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Lipid Center, Central Scientific Research Laboratory of the Academy are well known abroad. The Academy is the organizer of the international academic meetings, which stimulate active participation of all the scientists and lectures of the Academy in the activity of professional international societies and associations. Some of the well-known lecturers and scientists have been elected to the foreign Scientific Academies.


Kalinkin M.N
Chancellor of Tver State Medical Academy
There are a problem-based teaching, integration in the studying of the theoretical and clinical disciplines at the Academy. There is a rating estimation of the students knowledge. The Educational Methodical Center is coordinating the implementation of modern educational technologies. The specialists of the Academy have developed modern educational programs in order to train highly qualified medical specialists. All Departments have computer tests, plasta casts and phantoms, modern medical-diagnostic equipment. Tver State Medical Academy is a worldwide-recognized medical establishment in Tver with more than 65 years history and many decades of experience in the field of training of foreign citizens. Today, on the boundary of the third millennium, the Academy still remains the largest medical scientific, research and educational centre, noted for its extensive clinical and laboratory base and a brilliant teaching staff.
Bazenov D.V.
Vice Chancellor for international students

The Tver State Medical Academy has been recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education to train medical professionals for foreign countries, having highly professional teaching staff. Today the Academy is a big scientific establishment where fundermental, applied and methodological research is carried out. The Academy is wide internatonl contacts, it is collaborating with the University of SAAR (Germany), OSNABRUCKS SOCIETY (Germany), and SYENA (Italy).

In 2001 the English Medium Department started its work. In English Medium, students can get admission directly in first course where medical subjects are tought in english.

Ivanov A.G
Dean of the foreign faculty

Today Tver State Medical Academy is a complex of buildings designed for practical classes, lectures, laboratory studies, research work and auxiliary services.

Tver State Medical Academy has over 4000 beds in more than 8 various hospitals. Under Dental faculty more than 200 dentistry chairs for dentistry students are there.

The Preparatory faculty for foreign citizens has been functioning since 1990, where during an academic year the trainees could learn the Russian language and get prepared to the main Academy courses.

The Postgraduate Training Faculty was also founded in The Academy for the graduates willing to continue their education in various special branches of medicine.

A number of different youth organizations, sport clubs, art and cultural groups work at the Medical Academy. There are 4 comfortable hostels for students of Tver State Medical Academy.

Dr. Syed kumruzzaman
Associate Professor
Deputy Dean of the foreign faculty
Katman Group Education (KGE) is a registered Russian Organisation under Ministry of Health/Ministry of Education Russia and that is structure within Dean’s office and having the exclusive right to handle all the admission procedures for admission in English Medium and also having right to give admission in Russian Medium. KGE is active in assisting foreign students as well as Indian students in obtaining education in Russia for last 10 years. Its not a secret that there are many difficulties foreign students face education throughout the year. The working language of KGE is English, Russian, Hindi, Gujrati,Punjabi and Bengali. KGE has representative in India, Malaysia, South African Republic, Mauritius, Cyprus, Bangladesh and other countries with Head Office in Russia.
Mizanur Rahman Chaudhury
Students Advisor
In 1986 the Academy celebrated its 50th anniversery. During this period, 12680 doctors, 6572 dentists and 373 foreign students graduated from the Academy. The professional teaching staff of the Academy has published 730 scientific works and 18 textbooks. In 1989 the Faculty of Graduate Studies was opened. In 1990, the Faculty of Pediatrics was opened. The Academy is internationally recognised, and students from countries like Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland, India, African States, and Sri Lanka study at the Faculty of International students of the Academy.

There are about 3413 students enrolled at the Academy, 1689 at the Medical Faculty, 1061 at the Faculty of Stomatology, 663 at the Faculty of Pediatrics, and the rest at the Faculty of International Students.

There are 49 Departments where 405 highly qualified academicians and lecturers are working. There are 51 Professors, 80 Doctors (consultants), and 240 Candidates of Medical Sciences.

The 49 Departments are located in various teaching hospitals where bed occupancy numbers 4000. The Faculty of Stomatology has its own clinic with 200 stomatological chairs in use. All the faculties of the Academy are equiped with electronic microscopes, bio-chemical laboratories, radio-isotope labs, and lecture halls equipt with video apparatus.

The TSMA covers all the 7 big hospitals,5 Maternity homes,Tver Divisional hospitals,infectious disease,Cancer and Tuberculosis hospital and more than 30 polyclinics and maternity consultancies.